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Pet Cemeteries

Programs that offer cremation services and/or grave sites for the burial of deceased pets.

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Pet Food

Programs that supply dried or canned dog or cat food, bird seed, fodder or other types of sustenance for animals and other creatures that people keep as pets. Also included are programs that provide financial assistance that enables owners to purchase food for their pets.

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Pet Grooming Services

Programs that shampoo, clip, brush and otherwise groom dogs, cats and other pets. Services usually include flea shampoos and medicated baths when necessary, skin and coat conditioning, brush out and detangling/dematting, carding (to prevent shedding), clips appropriate for the breed, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, anal gland emptying and hair removal from pads and ears.

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The above terms and definitions are part of the Taxonomy of Human Services, used here by permission of INFO LINE of Los Angeles.