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Food Production Economics

Programs that are responsible for assuring the economic viability of the sectors that encompass agriculture, aquaculture and commercial fishing. Services may include loans and loan guarantees, financial assistance in times of drought or other disasters affecting food production, and policies and regulatory assistance to assure steady, stable markets for domestic food products.

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Community Gardening

Programs that provide plots of land on which groups of people living in a neighbourhood can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Community gardens provide access to fresh produce and plants; may be located in parks, schools, hospital grounds or other open areas; and may be nurtured communally and the bounty shared, have individual plots for personal use, or be dedicated to "urban agriculture" where produce is grown for a market. Some have raised beds that are accessible to people with disabilities. The gardens provide an opportunity for participants to savour the freshness, flavour and wholesomeness of home-grown produce; save money on their food bills; grow traditional foods not available in the supermarket; or simply get some exercise and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. They also support a community's food security, contribute to the preservation of open space, strengthen community bonds, provide a sense of connection to the environment and offer opportunities for community education.

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Home Gardening Assistance/Supplies

Programs that provide information, technical assistance and support for individuals who want to grow their own produce in a home garden setting. Services may include consultation regarding planting times, soil care and preparation, produce selection and pest control; provision of materials such as seed, fertilizer, potting soil, sod, manure, composting worms and other gardening supplies; and information and guidance regarding harvesting.

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